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   4 Cylinder | 1.5T | 177HP | Remote Engine Start






Exterior Design

V-Shape Spoiler

The original V-shape spoiler is one of UNI-T’s iconic designs. Inspired by the swept-back wing design in aerodynamics, it can effectively direct airflow and enhance body stability at high speeds.

Exhaust Pipe Design

Quad exhaust pipe shows a strong a strong visual impact of masculinity which gives a sense of technology.

Borderless Grille

Replacing traditional pattern of grille by using parametric design with 150 diamond-shaped elements, creates a unique image of infinite and continuous integration as if the force of gravitation.

Interior Design

Smart Cockpit with Screen Mirroring and Voice Control

The new intelligent dual screen design with ultra-wide angle, high-resolution and adaptive backlight control protect the eyes from fatigue to the max while reading and driving.

Wireless Charging Pad

15W wireless charging with Qi V1.2.3 communica tion protocol; ultra-fast charging with wide-range compatibility.

Gear Shifter

The space battleship electronic gear shifter has a sci-fi style, so that each shift feels like an interstellar expedition.



UNI-T 2023 Specifications

UNI-T 2023 Sport Specifications

   4 Cylinder | 2.0T | 230HP | 4WD

   4 Cylinder | 1.5T | HP 185 | FWD